Smart Consultancy & Coaching is able to provide coaching for adults with specific learning difficulties in the work place as well as for teachers, therapists, parents/carers on a personal or professional basis.

Services available:

For Adults with Specific Learning Difficulties

Referrals can be received from an individual, an employer or other agencies e.g. Government sponsored bodies or schemes. Coaching normally comprises of a series of onsite meetings to evaluate the scope of the job and the specific areas of difficulty and enable the individual to identify realistic steps to improve their effectiveness in the workplace. Each session will set goals for evaluation at the next meeting. Packages will normally involve close liaison with line managers and production of activity summaries.


Helping individuals to focus on their career or work goals, identify barriers and helping to overcome them and move forward.
This service can be delivered face to face (depending on location) or through telephone sessions which is a popular method of receiving coaching. Please contact us for further information.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a dynamic process that helps people to move from where they are to where they want to be.

Coaching is about identifying issues, formulating goals and helping determine a course of action with accompanying timeframes to achieve those goals.

Coaching is a participative process that places ownership of the issues and ensuing goals firmly in the hands of the client. Consequently, coaching demands commitment from the individual to move towards the agreed objectives.
The coach, through a process of sensitive questioning, challenging, support and encouragement, facilitates the individual to think beyond current perceived constraints and achieve the desired goals/objectives.

Most individuals with learning difficulties are often confronted for the first time with the manifestations of these difficulties in the workplace, where a supportive environment rarely exists. Difficulties with planning or poor organisation prove to be detrimental to efficiency and focus, causing potential frustration and tensions within both employee and employer. Memory difficulties, especially in the short-term, can cause the individual to lose track of the current task, project, or even their grasp of the requirements of the job as a whole. When asked about the priorities within their job, their response is frequently inaccurate, or even not capable of being articulated.